A Cat And His Writer

This is Jimmy. His full name is James Marshall Hendrix, but we only call him by his full name when we get mad at him. We feel very posh those times to be honest, almost like English aristocracy (or aristoCATsy? Hmm.) More often, he is our Jim Jim or Jimbo.

He is actually my boyfriend’s cat, or should I say my boyfriend is his human. He found Jim on the street while he was still a tiny kitten with no teeth, claws or wish for world domination. However, this changed quickly.

The black dot, named after my boyfriend’s favorite rocker, soon realized that he can get away with pretty much everything thanks to his overwhelming cuteness, and developed a taste for throwing stuff on the ground and leaving red marks on the skin of his humans. My boyfriend swears that Jim Jim is, deep down, a good kitty, but at first I wasn’t so convinced. In fact, Jim Jim and I had a very rocky relationship.

At first, I was a little reluctant to play with a tiny black monster. He was also extremely careful around me, and would always run away when I tried to pet him (or, more often, would just lower his head until it practically became flat, because, you know, cats are liquid). With time, much to my boyfriend’s amusement, I have grown to love him despite the manipulative little bastard he is (by “he”, I mean the cat).

The first time I slept over, he actually jumped on my side on the bed and spent the whole night at my feet. I discovered that there are very few things in life that are warmer than a sleeping cat, and if you’re someone whose legs are always cold, like mine, you might consider getting this living and breathing heater. And yet, I woke up with a strange feeling that I was being watched. Sure enough, there he was, staring right into my eyes in a totally not creepy way.

Today, Jim and I have formed a truce. He tolerates my need to pet the shit out of him (especially when he is sleepy) and I occasionally give him treats and try to adapt to his adorable craziness. Let’s face it: no matter what he does, I can’t stay mad at him for long.

P.s. About that world domination thing… yeah, that’s still on.


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