10 New Year’s Resolutions for New Writers

  1. Own the Title
    Don’t be afraid to call yourself a “writer”, or to think of yourself as one. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting your writing career: if you write, you are a writer. Period.

  2. Read More

    It is very important to read big authors in your genre. Read the fiction you wish you had written yourself.

  3. Stay Away From Negativity

    Do not expect to gain immediate fame with your writing, but also do not let other people’s negativity affect how you feel about your stories. Do your own thing and surround yourself with those who believe in you.

  4. Carry a Notebook Everywhere

    Carrying a notebook, or a writing tool of your choice everywhere you go is a great way to prevent ideas slipping away from you. You never know where the inspiration for the story may appear, and you may want to write down your new idea as soon as possible.

  5. Conquer Your Fear of Editing

    Nobody likes editing, but also, nobody likes reading unedited stories. Make revision your friend. Your future readers will appreciate it.

  6. Transform Your Browsing Time Into Your Writing Time

    It is very easy to spend too much time on the internet, but no matter how useful your online activities may be (researching for a story, or running a blog), writing and editing should always be a priority.

  7. Finish What You Started

    Try to avoid sidetracking. If you often catch yourself abandoning projects and starting new ones, maybe you need a different strategy: try and finish your story. The worst story you have ever written is still better than the one you couldn’t bring yourself to write.

  8. Get a Dictionary/Grammar Book/Writing Software

    Getting some extra help with your vocabulary and/or grammar can be very useful. Even if you think your use of language is flawless, a little reminder now and then is beneficial to all writers.

  9. Set Realistic Goals

    Chances are, if you set unreasonably high goals for yourself you might get discouraged soon. However, setting realistic writing goals for the following year can be a great way to keep yourself accountable and to get some additional motivation.

  10. Live Life Worth Writing About

    At the end of the day, writing is not everything. In order to be a fulfilled, happy individual allow yourself some stress-free time to pursue your others goals. If you commit to living an authentic life, there is a big possibility that you will encounter something worth writing about.

Happy New Year!


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