Thinking Back Through Our Family: Using Childhood Memories And Family History As A Writing Prop

Here are some tips on finding inspiration in your childhood memories and family history:

  1. Dig up an old photograph, maybe one of your parents or grandparents. Try to invent a story based on the picture.

  2. Try to remember your earliest childhood memories, and attribute them to an imaginary character.
  3. Write about the things in your childhood drawer, maybe about your favorite toy.
  4. Try to write a story from the point of view of a relative you disagree with.
  5. Holidays can be tricky, especially if you’re spending them with your extended family. Try to imagine the worst thing that could happen, or a major revelation that may occur at dinner time.
  6. Write a story with a recipe: think of a particular food which immediately reminds you of your childhood.
  7. Write a story to finish this sentence: My mother/father never…
  8. Write about your first travel experience. Was is by car, boat or plane? Where were you headed to? Tell us about it!
  9. Write about your dream career, at least what you considered to be one when you were little. For example, I wanted to be a policewoman and a veterinarian. Ended up a teacher, so you can draw a parallel here 🙂 Use your imagination to write about how your life would have looked like if you pursued this career.
  10. Write about an adventure you had with a childhood friend.

Let me know if you try any of these!


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